How do I split drum sounds in drum editor?

Hi everyone - very new to cubase so apologies if this is a stupid question.

I’ve just started using essentials 5.

Once I have created a drum track using the drum editor (with drum kits from Halion one), can I assign certain drums to seperate channels so that I can alter the eqs/effects for individual drums?

If so, can anyone give me an idiot proof step by step guide?

Many many thanks in advance!

Not with HalionOne, at least not directly.
You can load several instances of Halion one though and assign one MIDI Track with one instrument to one instance of HalionOne. (Snare note to instance 1 of HalionOne, BD to instance 2 …)

The reason is: HALion One is not multitimbral. It means, it can plays with 1 MIDI track only. Different instruments can use multitimbral – more channels. So you can do this. And the second condition is: the instrument has to create more virtual outputs.