How do I split the output from a single output VSTi?

I’ve googled this to no avail.

Cubase Elements 10.5.

I’m using MODO Bass, which has a single stereo pair output.

I want to route the output to two channels.

One channel will be DI, and the other will run through an amp sim VST.

I want the channel with the amp sim to have a send to the reverb bus FX track.

How the hell do I do that?

Thanks in advance to any and all.

Use Direct Routing to send the Instrument Track’s output to 2 different Group Channels. Although not sure if Elements has direct routing. An alternative is to use the Instrument Track as the DI and then use a Send to route the signal to an FX Track with the amp sim on it (or vice-a-versa). Or if your amp sim has a Mix control on it you can use that to control the DI/FX mix all on the single Instrument Track.