How do I stop imported audio files always playing speeded up

I’m going mad trying to resolve what I am sure is a simple problem…
Whenever I import an audio file - be it ripping from CD, loading it from import option or dragging it onto track - it always plays back fast. I have tried all sorts of different settings in the project setup - matching sample rate & bit resolution to the imported file - not matching and selecting convert to match etc… NOTHING WORKS!!!

I know there is a school boy error involved here but I’m stumped - can anyone give me a slap and sort me out please??

Fingers crossed


If your project sample rate matches the imported file sample rate, the only possible culprit is your audio interface and its inability to adjust to that sample rate?

Tempo and track??

Just a thought…
Is there a little wavy line icon in the upper right of the waveforms in the project window?
If so, the files are being set to musical mode for some reason.
Sometimes when I import files from another DAW, they automatically
have musical mode turned on.

Open the pool, find the file and turn musical mode off.

Thanks for the feedback guys - just back off tour so will have a look at your suggestions and see if I can crack it