How do i stop reverbs when pressing stop?

Fairly simple questions: whenever I press pause the audio I hear in the project does stop but the reverbs, delays, drum symbals are audible until they take their time and fade away.

What I’d like to be able to do is to stop and have EVERYTHING stop immediately.

I don’t want to start automating, using gates, etc.
I’m just wondering if there’s an option under preferences that does what I’m looking for.



Unfortunately this is not possible, sorry. You would need to Mute the Output bus while stop.

Cubase simulates the normal behavior of a studio environment. If you stop an analog tape machine, the downstream effects remain active and you can still hear reverbs, delays, etc.
If you do not want that, you can render the relevant tracks with all effects, then the effects belong to the recording and are stopped with.
There are certainly other options, e.g. using a macro that mutes the effects …

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Print the FX / VSTi.