How do I switch a send PRE fader?

Only way with right-click and then search for the option?
There used to be a simple button for that.

And how do I then see, if a send is turned to PREfader??
The old button was lighting up orange, that was a great visual feedback.
Now in mixer every send looks the same way…

Yes, the right click… Then the send amount turns green ( not blue)

Thank you Robin,

OMG, a green slider…

My starting send-value always is -00db, no send amount visible at the beginning! So I first have to increase my send-level for finding out if I am in PRE-modus??

And in addition to that on these tiny mixer-tabs, I really have problems to distinguish between this neon blues and greens.

No improvement compared to the bright button imo…
And once again I’m wondering which pro user had all this ideas…

Just so you know, the post and prefader sends’ color can be user defined.


As can all the different slots.

I have mine purple to match my FX channel fader caps.


Stuff like that killed N6 for me at the moment… The program itself is great, but I was not able to keep the overview about “what’s going on” in my mix.

I wonder if this should be clasified as an issue (or better yet design defect). In addition to that, relying solely on color for information doesn’t really work well for color blind folks.