How do I take part of an audio track I have imported and edit it and cut/paste sections of it?

Hi guys

I have Cubase Pro version 10. I have an mp3 track I have imported into it. However, what I want to do is go into different sections of the track and copy for example display times: 31.3.2 - of the song, and then use that copy to add it back into the section where it starts on 31.3.2 seconds, so that it extends the track a bit. Now, I used to know my way around version 5, but I am lost here. What is the best way to do this? I tried double clicking the track and it opens up the wave editor and I try taking a selection of the wave sections there by copying/pasting but it’s blank. It’s probably so simple, but any guidance would be great.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

  • Split the Audio Event at the 31.3.2 position.
  • Use Range Selection tool and set the range 31.3.2-38.3.4.
  • Edit > Copy
  • Edit > Range > Insert Time (or move the right Audio Event to position 38.3.4).
  • Edit Paste

There are millions of tutorials of DAW workflows available, some written as text, many as videos. The task does not differ that much from the different software solutions on the market.
Just the shortcuts and menu positions of the commands are different.

If you really need a Cubase tutorial, you can use any search engine and it will lead you to thousands of tutorials or how tos.