How do I tie this two durations?

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How do I tie this 2 durations? Force duration is ON on both of them. This happens a lot of times and the solution I found is to write everything again. What am I missing?

I think I found a solution:

Untie everything > turn OFF and ON Force Duration > Tie everything again.

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It should be sufficient just to Tie the two, then switch off Force duration.

(EDIT: Clearly I misunderstood what you wanted to do)

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Not sure if I understood. If I tie the two the bar 5 changes to a whole note.

The way it works is: The first note has to be forced, and then any subsequent notes inherit the attribute.

Both durations are forced, but when tied together the rhythm in bar 5 changes. Ok, maybe I was not clear in my explanation:

I just wanted to tie the half note to the quarter note in bar 5 using force duration (I want to use that specific rhythm to because of the dynamics). When I try to tie both durations - meaning all the notes that are already tied to Half and quarter notes - the bar changes to a whole note (both durations already have Force Duration ON).

I reproduced the situation in the video – once. I can’t seem to do it again.

I started by entering the exact rhythm as separate notes, then forced and tied them in those 3 groups (6 notes, 10, and 5). When I went back and tried to tie the 2nd group to the 3rd, I got the whole note, as in the video.

So I undid all the ties, un-forced all the notes, and started over, and it worked. Doing them all in order seems to help.

But now when I try to reproduce the problem again, I can’t!