How do I to downgrade to 7.0.1?

After the sh*t storm that is cubase 7.0.2, I’m downgrading to 7.0.1. My question is: Can this be done without reinstalling from scratch and re-doing all the prefs and database? How?

If you go to the Control Panel and then ‘Add/remove programs’, then select the option to see installed updates, the 7.0.2 update is there and the uninstall option is available.

I have done this in the past with CB 6 / 6.5 patches, and it worked fine then, but I haven’t tried it with CB7).

I’d do a search on these forums, because while the option to uninstall the update exists, there are some people on this forum reporting that uninstalling the 7.0.2 update results in failure of some sort…

Thanks, that should work, and they do show up in the updates list. Unfortunately, it won’t let me uninstall the updates for some reason. Can’t double-click or right-click (uninstall). All other updates can be removed except cubase 7.0.2 :neutral_face:
Is there any other way that doesn’t include a whole day of reinstalling from scratch?