How do I transfer Cubase from one eLicenser to another?

Hey, guys.

I’m going to be using Cubase on bar gigs, and since the USB key is a bit fragile to begin with, I thought I better have a spare in case it gets broken during the course of the night.

I have the new eLIcenser dongle and have been through every menu entry I can find on the licenscing software ( but can’t figure out how to move my licence from the old dongle to the new one. From the help page:

To transfer an existing license from one eLicenser to another, please drag the respective license from the “Licenses” list to the target eLicenser in the “eLicensers” list.

Regardless of which dongle I plug in, I see only one key.

Does anyone know how you transfer Cubase from one dongle to another?



You don’t see both when you plug them both in?

Plug them both in… Argh, I’m a moron!

I was expecting them to store both IDs in the cloud and update the new dongle with the ID of the old one when I syncrhonized.

Yes, plugging both in works as advertised. Thanks, seriously.

So here’s the sceario I was trying to rehearse. Say I’m at a gig, my sound man leans on the USB key and kills it between the first and second set. No problem, I brought the spare dongle. However, the whole point of buying the spare was as a backup should I have a failure with the original key.

If I have to plug both keys in to do the transfer and the first one is dead, how do I transfer the license over to the new key so that I can continue the show?

No cloud with this guy … you would be screwed. However, you can move the licenses to the HD so that you are not at the mercy of the dongle. I’ve also seen a few guys mount the dongle inside the case so that “accidents”, like mysterious wandering dongles, can’t happen at gigs.

I didn’t know you could move Cubase to the hard drive, that would be a much safer solution. That said, I see a soft licenser on the left but it won’t let me drag the Cubase 7 license.

Is there a different procedure for transferring to the hard drive?

on the left there should be a picture of a hard drive. I’ve never tried it with a Steinberg product, maybe they don’t support HD licensing.

There is, with the text of Soft-eLicenser beneath it. It contains a license which is in red text) for the MP3 encoder.

However, I can’t drag teh MP3 license to the dongle or the Cubase license to the hard drive. Attempting to drag changes the cursor to the standard “no can do” symbol.

Am I missing a concept somewhere? We already know I’m not smart enough to plug in a dongle. :slight_smile:

I’d never heard of Cubase being hard disk enabled, so that doesn’t surprise me.

That said, if my dongle gets trashed, what, I have to buy a complete new version of Cubase?

There’s a reason modern software develoopment companies use the cloud. I guess the eLicenser folks haven’t gotten the memo yet.

There may be a more bulletproof solution. I’m using a UR-22 in the setup, and I have a spare as well. It serves as the dongle for Cubase AI.

I’m going to poke around and see if it’s possible to use Cubase 7 in the studio and then run the projects in Cubase AI /UR-22 on the gigs.

Thanks again for all the help, very much appreciated.

just tried it and it doesn’t look like Steinberg supports the soft license for the major products.

You can only transfer software licenses to USB eLicensers, you can not transfer USB licenses to software eLicensers…

Thanks, man.

I’ve installed Cubase AI on my live box and thus far it seems to run the show okay. It uses a soft license, which solves the problem of “what if the dongle gets trashed on a gig.”

With that in mind, what are the rules on a soft license like this. If my hard drive craps out on me (not competely out of the realm of possibility), is my Cubase AI license lost and gone forever, or is there some way to recover from that scenario once the computer is repaired?

I suspect all my questions sound excessively paranoid, but when you’re doing a live show that depends on computers, paranoia is your friend. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t be a problem. Just re-activate through your MySteinberg account with the new Soft-eLicenser number.

Thanks, Scab. Just trying to cover all the baes. I have plenty of opportunities for looking stupid on stage without the help of technology. :slight_smile: