How do I transfer licenses between my two accounts?

Hello, Steinberg support personnel:

I have two accounts with licenses for Cubase11 and Cubase13, both of which have been activated. You know, this is very common in the era of using USB licenses because many people work on multiple devices.

I have purchased many plugins on an account with a Cubase11 license, including Halion6 and Groove5, among others. Of course, some small plugins were also purchased on accounts with Cubase13 licenses.

Now I want to transfer Halion6, Groove5, and all plugins to an account with a Cubase13 license, so that I can use Cubase13 to call these plugins.

May I ask if there is the simplest way to complete the requirements I have raised?

Looking forward to your reply, thank you!

This is a user forum, so no one here will be able to do this. You need to contact the Steinberg Support directly.

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As JuergenP said above, you need to contact Steinberg Support.
Login to your My Steinberg account from here:

Click the Support link as shown below and follow the instructions on the next page.

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Okay, thank you!
Every time I post on my end, the page doesn’t change and the reply button doesn’t respond, so I always mistake it for not being able to post successfully. Now that I have seen your reply, I know that I have successfully posted. You also know how to handle my problem, so thank you!