How do I transfer licenses from a broken dongle to a new one?

Please help me, my dongle is broken and I bought a new one. I deleted the old dongle in my personal account, indicating that it was broken. I’m trying to install a license for a new dongle, I enter the code from cubase and I get an error that the license has already been installed. What to do?

Describe the broken one - what’s wrong with it physically? Did the plastic case break on the side, or did the USB plug get wobbly?

If so, you can fix it. At least I was able to fix mine back in the day. Jury rig it with some tape, or get somebody to re-solder the connection back onto the little circuit board that’s inside.

Upload a picture of your broken dongle so I can see the damage, if you don’t mind.
Your license is still on the broken dongle.

The plastic case is not broken, the usb plug is not wooby… the elicenser control center has stopped seeing it.
I bought a new dongle, and deleted the old one… is the license lost?

Please follow these instructions in full. Steinberg Support will e-mail you new licenses as soon as possible: