How do I transfer my license on my dongle from my laptop back to my desktop?

I was in the process of moving and so I needed a more mobile solution to working on Cubase, so I put a copy of Cubase onto my old laptop, and I transferred the license on my dongle from the desktop to the laptop. Now that I’m more settled I see how superior the desktop is to the laptop, as a workstation, so I want to re-transfer the license to the laptop. But, seeing as I’ve been perenially confused about the whole process of license transfers, e-licenses, soft-licenses and what they are and the differences between the two, I feel it a small wonder that I figured out how to do the transfer in the first place. But seeing as I was able to do that almost two months ago-and I have been pre-occupied with moving and the holidays, it’s no surprise to me that now I can’t remember how to do it.

I think it involves going to eLicenser Control Center and entering an Activation Code that needs to be entered locally on whatever workstation you are wanting the license to be attached to, yes? If so, how do I obtain that Activation Code?

“dongle” usually refers to a USB hardware licensing device. Are you using a USB-eLicenser, or is your license bound to the computer (Soft-eLicenser)?