How do I transfer songs from Cubase 10 hub to Cubase 11

I just upgraded from Cubase 10 Pro to 11 pro. Of course all my songs in the hub didn’t move to the new Cubase. Is there an easy way to do a bulk transfer? I have quite a few songs in my Cubase 10 hub and I’d like to be able to work on them in Cubase 11.

Thanks in advance!

Hub isn’t where they are stored. It’s just a marker. Go to where you stored the projects and open and they will then start to appear in hub.

Unless anyone knows where the tags are saved?


Are you talking about the Recent Projects or the Projects templates, please?

The recent projects. I can easily find them in my “songs” folder but I have to “force” them to open in 11 or else they want to open up in Cubase 10. I’m really bad a file management. And I’ve always had several projects going on at any given time. I’m just a hobbyist at my home. I was hoping to easily copy the recent projects from my Cubase 10 to my 11. I realize they are just the links to my songs that are stored in the files.
Thank you!

Dont double click on the project as it will open 10. In the hub click open other and navigate to the project. Then save and it will then open in 11.

I’m a hobbyist but file management is essential with any software. Especially backing up.

Thank you! I’ve also found that if I have my file of project songs open, I can drag and drop them one at a time to my Cubase 11 icon. It takes time because I have to do it one at a time and each time it opens Cubase 11. I then have to save it but that’s alright. I didn’t realize just how many songs I have unfinished. Wow!
But at least I have the ideas saved and that’s a good thing.
Backing up! I back up to an external drive at the end of each day or session. It’s a heard learned lesson.
Thanks again! I guess there is now quick way so I’m just going to have to do it the way I’m doing it.


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Close the Hub and use File/Open…every project that you save this way will show up in the Hub next time you open Cubase…I never use the Hub, File/Open goes to any project you want no matter how long it’s been since you last worked on it :slight_smile: