How do I turn down the volume on 9.5?

To be clear, I don’t mean turn down the volume of individual tracks in the mix.
I want to turn down Cubase’s output volume, it’s way too loud for my hearing.

In the versions I learned in school and college it was easy, there was a volume slider on the same bar as the play button and all that stuff.

When answering, please don’t assume I know how to find specific menus and panels, it’s been over 2 years since I last worked in cubase; my PC was bricked by circumstances unrelated to cubase, and had to be partially rebuilt, and it took me over a year and a half after that to discover cubase has built-in instruments so I don’t have to wait until I find my install disc for Native Instruments.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can find the controller still in the Transport Bar/Panel on the right side of the meters.

Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 11.42.41

If you are using Control Room, then you can turn the big red knob down to change the monitor volume.

Thanks so much. :slight_smile: