How do I turn off “Edit numeric value” pop up and use keyboard for numeric values?

When using Dorico on my iPad, the behavior just changed. When editing numeric fields such as the index number for rehearsal marks, or the top or bottom position of vertical lines, I used to be able to just type in the number with my hardware keyboard. But now for some reason numerical fields are popping up “Edit numeric value” dialog. I can’t figure out how to turn it back off and use the keyboard. This just changed earlier this evening. I tried restarting the iPad and that didn’t help.

I’m running Dorico for iPad on an iPad Pro 12.9” 5th gen with iOS 17.4.1

ForWhatIt’sWorth, I am using the iPad mostly without keyboard. For me it seems a recent change has made things better. I can reliably enter values into that popover and the numbers will be recognised. In earlier versions it was quite often tricky to enter number values w.o. keyboard.

That doesn’t really answer why this suddenly stopped working with keyboards, and why the pop up is appearing when earlier in the evening it did not. It’s almost as if I accidentally pressed some key combination that enabled the popover instead of just typing in the value. I really want to turn that off again.

I believe the popover dialog will always appear, regardless of whether you have a hardware keyboard attached, so the surprising thing is that the popover was not appearing for you before today. There’s no setting for this in the software.

I guess I could be thinking of how I can use the keyboard when on my laptop. So… can I make a formal request to have an option to disable the numeric popup on iPad? It’s flakey at times. I know I have had cases where I clicked on the + button and the numbers just start wildly climbing out of control. I’d prefer to just type in a number, in the actual field in the lower panel.

I agree it would be useful. I’m not sure how easily we can tell whether the hardware keyboard is connected at the point at which we’re choosing to show the special popover, but I’ll ask the team about it in due course.

Thank you.