How Do I: Turn off locating playback head to selected events?

I don’t recall this in v10.2 (or earlier):

  1. I select some events.
  2. Playback head follows.

I want to turn that off or toggle it via a key command. Don’t know what the function is called. Help appreciated.

Actually, one more thing: Did “split at cursor” always split all events across all tracks with the range tool selected? Seems pretty inconsistent that if I draw a range and choose “cut” it’ll only cut out content in the selected area on the selected track, but if I simply “click” to place a line at some point it’ll execute the “split at cursor” command across all tracks, not just the selected one…

Huh… it stopped doing it… !!!

You were in edit mode (pressing “e”)
Since 10.3 does not different cursor line in normal mode to edit mode is hard to know if it’s engaged.
I’ve requested lot of times to colorise cursor bar when edit mode is engaged, but unfortunally to me nobody need to difference between modes I suppose…

Stationary Cursor mode? Mine’s set to Opt + c

Ah that’s it! Thanks. It was driving me bonkers since I couldn’t see anything change but it was behaving differently.

Beer’s on me :slight_smile:

+1 on visual confirmation that Edit Mode is engaged please…

Niek/ Amsterdam

I was nuts as well when it happend to me for the first time) Color difference would be nice!