How do I turn off the Blue Line that appears in MIDI Editor?

I’m getting rather irritated by this blue line that appears in the midi editor. It’s the one that places a note wherever it is, when I play a note on the keyboard to the left of the screen or on my keyboard. I just want it to go away! So I can test the note without having it place the note. Of course, I don’t have a bass guitar so when I’m trying to write the bass on cubase I want to match the notes, but I cant do it without having the note placed. It wasn’t there before, I can’t remember what I did to turn it on. :frowning: damn.

Cheers guys,

Turn off “step input”

I had the same issue! Thanks for the answer. If you want to move it, just use the left and right arrow keys!

To remove the blue line, turn off step editor (click icon with little step-like boxes).