How do I turn off Track Picture Browser

I don’t use this and it seems I’m always doing something to bring it up. Is there a way to turn it off?

Hide it in the rack, and disable it in the track list.

yes, it bothers me when I re-arrange the track order in the project window…I click to drag and it appears all the time.

See page 209 in the manual.
Open the context menu of the track list and disable “Show Track Pictures”.

The name of the window is Track Picture Browser. I searched for this in the browser and got nada. Sometimes, searching in the manual leaves something to be desired.

Could you be more specific. I’m still soaking wet behind the ears.

See GreedyFly’ s post. And the rack is the rack in the mixer - more specifically explained in the manual, I think

Got it, more or less. Will still pop up occasionally for no reason.


This has been bugging me too. Don’t know if you guys solved this already but i thought i post the solution anyway.
Open the track list context menu (double tap a track) and hit the HIDE TRACK PICTURES tab.

That fixed the annoying popup window for me.