How do I turn on a plugin in mixer?

I have a bunch of tracks with an EQ as an insert plugin on every track. All EQs are switched off.
How can I turn them on in the mixer?

There used to be a permanent on/off-switch which has gone now for some reason, and this curious on/off switch which lights up via mouse over on the left does not work here. What am I doing wrong?

In Nuendo 6.05, you have to open each and every plugin instance and turn them on or off using the plugin interface.
Or you could link the channels, make sure the inserts are linked as well, and have them all turn on together.
Actually I haven’t tried the second method, not sure if linking the inserts will cover the on/off switch or not.

There is no longer a on/off switch on the mixer interface itself.
Now you only have a bypass switch, which doesn’t release resources.
In bypass mode, the plugin is still taxing the cpu.
You have to open the plugin interface to access the on/off switch.
This is a source of much woe and sadness among the users.
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Well, well…

Let’s say I have 24 Foley-Tracks with one Plugin in each.

In old Nuendo I selected all Tracks (shift + two mouseclicks). Then I pressed Modifier and switched on one of the plugins directly in mixer (one mouseclick), and all the other followed. All plugins got enabled with 3 mouseclicks!

In new Nuendo I open the plugin-GUI (two mouseclicks), then I switch it on (one mouseclick), then I close the GUI (one mouse-click). Then I repeat this on all the other 23 tracks. In N6 I switch on all plugins with 96 clicks?! Right?


This on-off-switch which lights up when you mouse over is not working here. It seems to be the bypass-switch…?

Yes, it’s a bypass switch not an on/off switch.


There is no real design-concept at the moment. We have three or four different styles. Look at attached picture, one would not imagine that all these buttons are from only one daw-software. But this is further down on the list to fix imo…



thanks for putting together that picture! I am browsing this forum the first time after I installed C7/N6 and - being overall impressed though - I stepped over a couple of “issues” - and your picture is just perfectly describing my confusion regarding the design-concistency… or the absence of it… It is NOT a showstopper… But confusing in an already confusing situation :slight_smile:

According to my private conspiracy theory, they in fact are from different applications. One is called Nuendo, the other one Cubase. :unamused:

Initially Cubase got the goodies we had already. Now it’s the other way 'round since quite some time - just that the “goodies” are not addressed to the target group Nuendo-users mostly rank among.