How do I UN-remove a staff I've previously hidden using "Remove Staff"?

I recently created a “fake click track” using a Clave sound. Since it’s not actually part of the score, I select it and discovered via right-click the “Remove Staff” option, which eliminated the Staff from view while still playing back the Clave sound. However, now I would like to UN-remove the Staff so I can see/edit/make it part of my actual Score, and can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this. Thanks in advance -

  • D.D.

This one was tricky!

Go to Setup mode and add another Clave Instrument to the Clave Player.
Go to Write Mode (make sure signposts are on) and click the “-1 staff” signpost and delete it.

Nice. I never would have figured that one out.

D.D, I do it by adding a dedicated woodblock instrument in setup. You can hide it from layouts easily, and mute it upon audio export. Easier to manage, I think. But it seems this will soon be moot!

Ah - thanks! For what it’s worth, I would recommend them adding some sort of “Restore Staff” right-click function right below where they currently just have “Remove Staff” ( which - incidentally - is really “hiding” the staff since you can still hear the notes from the staff that is “removed”, so this to me is also slightly confusing). My two cents!

The problem is you need access to a staff for that Player for that to work. When there are none, there is no context for Dorico to access.
Some solutions would be…

  1. Don’t allow a remove staff if there is only 1 staff present.
  2. An option to Galley View to show removed staves.
  3. A right click option in Setup mode to restore removed staves.

Actually, I tried what you suggested and got the following, bizarre result at the end of my score afterwards (took me a while to realize it was the deletion of the newly-created “-1 staff” that caused this formatting issue):

No idea how to re-format this - I’ve tried everything I can think of but it feels like a pretty severe bug (selecting all and choosing various "re-format note/staff/system, etc. spacing; looking for hidden formatting signposts to delete but to no avail, etc., etc.). Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

  • D.D.

Yikes, without access to the file, this would be next to impossible to figure out. You may want to email it to Daniel.