how do I unfreeze a VSTi (Halion piano track)?

so I had this midi track of piano I wanted to play through Halion.
Got that set up, then wanted to freeze it by using the snowflake button in the midi track inspector.

Now I want to unfreeze it and do some edits, then freeze it again.

The problem is, there is no snowflake button on that track to unfreeze it.
Also, there is no offline history for that frozen track.
Am I screwed?

I’m using Cubase 7 on Win 7 x64


simply unfreeze with the same freeze button that you use !

the snowflake button doesn’t appear on that track that was frozen, that’s the reason for this question.

is it showing up on every other track ?

yes, the snowflake button is visible on all the other tracks

no snowflake to unfreeze.JPG

what about on the track it’s self ,not the inspector ?

it seem that you use the VST Rack, so use the freeze button in the VST Rack ! there are no freeze button on midi track !
When you use the VST Rack (for multi out for example) you’re oblige to unfreeze the instrument (HALion Sonic) in the VST rack & it’s gonna unfreeze all the midi track connected to the instrument !

thanks! That’s where it was. :blush:
I appreciate everyone’s help!