how do I uninstall Cubase 5 and keep my authorization?

Happy New Years everyone:

A highly basic question for you.

I’ve got Cubase 5 on my laptop (Dell 6500, Windows 7 64 bit), and I’m getting rid of this computer and getting a different laptop.

1) How do I uninstall my Cubase without losing its authorization? Obviously, I want to make sure I can use it (as well as all my Cubase files) on the new laptop.

Is it as simple as keeping the dongle in while I do the uninstall through Windows Control Panel / Programs and Features?

2) Also, I need to transfer my Cubase files from the old laptop to the new laptop. Any hints on how best to do that?

Any and all thoughts are appreciated.



Are you talking about Cubase 5 full version? Or another version? If it is full version, you don’t need to do nothing (because license is inside steinberg key). Simply install Cubase 5 on new computer, plug in the Steinberg key and you are good to go.

P.S. There is no need to uninstall Cubase from the older computer.

Backup your configuration preference files if you wish.

Thanks for your reply.

I originally had Cubase Studio 4, then, in 2010 I updated to Cubase Studio 5 64-bit.

I still have my e-receipt



Article Qty. Price

Cubase Studio 5 Update from Cubase Studi 1 US $99.99
Package version


Does that matter?


Are you using an USB dongle (Steinberg key)? If the license is in there you are safe (no need to reactivate or do something else).

Yes, a dongle. Thanks for your help!