How do I uninstall cubase?

I need to reinstall Cubase 9.5 because the program can no longer find the VST sound library. That was the advice. But how do I uninstall it first?

There is no Cubase uninstall option, nor is there anything on the internet, in the manual, on Steinberg’s help site, nor in this forum or on YouTube. There are commercial uninstall programs. Are they recommended by Steinberg? Do I need to get one? How will I tell it what to uninstall? “Uninstalling Cubase” seems shrouded in secrecy.

The Windows uninstall program option lists many Steinberg entries. I can’t risk simply deleting or uninstalling them all, and there’s no guarantee or advice on whether this will clear out all the Steinberg entries. In my old Cubase I made a few clicks and away it went.

The last time I uninstalled Cubase I decided to reinstall windows to make sure all of the Steinberg bits and pieces were removed and to solve a few other probs. Is this the only safe solution?


You can always use the Windows uninstaller. If you want to uninstall just Cubase, choose just this option from the Windows uninstaller. If you want to uninstall even some library, select the library you want to uninstall.

When you uninstall Cubase, the preferences folder remains in the system. This guarantee, you will get the same Cubase setup after you install it back. If you want to get the Factory Settings, delete the preferences folder (%AppData% Steinberg/Cubase 9.5).

Rightclick the cubase startup icon and choose uninstall:)

PLease don’t go away just yet.
If I uninstall the Cubase exe, the one with the Cubase red/white logo, and reinstall, then will I have double copies of all the other Steinberg entries such as preferences folder, libraries, etc.?
This is what concerns me.


No, if you install Cubase again after, you will not have a double copy. The data remains.

PLeae don’t go yet. My question remains -
If I re-install Cubase again then I have to download all of the Cubase files, there is no other option.
However, this means that I will have double copies of the files that I didn’t remove in my uninstall.
Is that right?

No, As Martin says there will not be duplicates of any part of the program.

Your preferences will not be removed as part of the uninstall, or duplicated upon re-install. Ifyou want to remove preferences you will have to do so manually.

The only thing that might be duplicated is the download if you didn’t delete it last time.

OK - so when downloading Cubase, it recognises if there are ANY Cubase files already on the computer (and not just preferences) , and does not duplicate them.
That’s right, isn’t it.

No, not during the download. During the installation. The download is initially one big file. If you did not delete it last time after installation it will be duplicated. What will not be duplicated is any of the Cubase files created during installation.