How do I uninstall Halion Sonic-the full version-on a Mac Mi

I have mistakenly installed Halion Sonic 2–the full version. How do I uninstall this horrid program I don’t want to buy on my Mac Mini ??? This is my second post on this. Words of wisdom please?

I keep getting upon start up of Cuebase 6.5.5—an error saying :License Error-no valid license found for:
Halion Sonic Factory Program Presets 01,02, 03, synth bass presets,dance synth presets,Granular synth presets, Organ Presets, Haliotron Presets, Beat Box Presets,Ethno Presets.

Then-when I open a song- I get another message in black-saying pretty much the same thing…

If I hit ok-it goes away–but it’s so obnoxious… I am using a Mac Mini-16 G ram, maverick.

Hi there,

There seems to be some preset and VST sound container left on your system.

Please delete all HALion Sonic preset and VST sound archives in these folders to avoid the license errors:

/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/HALion/VST Sound

/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound

There is nothing in the Content folder at all-only an empty user content folder. Advise? And thanks so much for the reply!! :slight_smile:


Are you sure you’re in the right library folder? You have to look into OSX/Library… and not OSX/USERS/…/Library

I am in the Library you get to through the “Go” menu–the hidden one. Right place?

No, that is the user library. You have to look into OSX/library.

It worked!!! You are my hero!!

The only thing happening now is I am getting this new one:

Elicenser control error

"Application Wavlab 7 Elements (M6) has caused the following error:

Elicenser contains no valid license.

I have never even heard of this. Advise?

Thanks again brother!!!