How do I Upgrade from Artist 6 to Cubase 6?

Can I upgrade via the Steinberg website?

Go there and have a look yourself…!?

Actually, I did but it does not appear that one can do that on the website. I was wondering if I was missing something.

Well, actual version has been C7 for a whole year already - therefore as always the older versions are nor longer available officially. You can buy V 7, and run your Cubase Artist 6 installation as Cubase 6 with the C7 license.


I have a question though. If I buy version 7, why wouldn’t I just run Cubase 7 rather than Cubase 6 with the C7 license?

Thanks for your patience.

I don´t know, why you wouldn´t, maybe because you wanted to stick with 6…
I was just trying to answer your question which, as I understand it, was about Cubase 6, not 7