How do i upgrade to CB 7.5 ?

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I´m on Cubase 7 LE AI Elements wich is supposed to be a full install… right ?
I want to upgrade to 7,5 since is missed the grace period… but where do i do that? I find all other kind of uppdates and such, but not that specific upgrade! Cuz that would be grate =)

Not sure about my last Question though… in the output/downmix… is there a way to get multiple seperate tracks?
Let´s say i´ve made 10 recorded tracks and want them all on seperate track in 1 downmix and dont wanna solo every track in order to put em all down.

That´s all folks! =) Have a happy new Steinberg \m/^^\m/

There is no Cubase Elements 7.5 (I don’t think they do the .5 updates for the lite versions Elements, AI, LE). There is also no Cubase 8 Elements yet, though there probably will be eventually. When there is, you can update to Cubase Elements 8 then.
For your second question, I think you need “Batch Export”.

Thank u for a swift answer. I know there isn´t a elements 7,5… just wanna upgrade to Cubase 7.5… if it´s possible =)

And about the batch export, i don´t have that in my elements version, so what i want i a upgrade orupdate so that i can have that feature. I kinda annoying that i can´t export several WAV files i one go if i want to do a mixdown without my vst´s sucking up all the “memory juice” =P

You can buy a license for C8 Pro and then download C7.5 on the support page. The C8 license will run any previous version.

hehe… of it does =) But why by C8 and just run the 7,5 ? Thank´s any way mate, think i´ll buy C8 by the ebd of this month ! =)

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