How do I Upgrade to Cubase Pro 10.5 From Pro 10?

I’m trying to upgrade from Pro 10 to Pro 10.5, and while I was able to find the link to download (from mysteinberg), I can’t for the life of me see where, or how the heck to get the activation code?

I was expecting to have to pay for the download, but I can see nothing but the aforementioned 10.5 installer, which clearly states it was the install “from 10.0.x”, so it has to be the correct installer.

After the install, I launch cubase 10.5 and am prompted for the activation code. I wasn’t supplied with said code. It says “no valid license found”.

Can someone please help me figure out how to upgrade from 10 to 10.5? I would send a ticket to steinberg, but that will take days.


They only offer the latest version for sale.

So buy 11, and you can run all versions released in the past two decades.

Ok, but why is there a download link from my current version to 10.5, yet no way to activate it? Not really prepared to pay for the upgrade to 11.

Well you can run C10.5 with a C11 license as said. You can download all kind of older versions but they only sell the latest versions and updates to those. If you think about it, it makes sense not to sell older versions that don’t receive any updates and bug fixes anymore.

Where did you find the download link, is it actually shown inside your mysteinberg page? i.e. this one:-

Or did you just find it on the generic downloads page on the website?

If it’s actually showing in your mysteinberg page, then is it possible you purchased C10 close to the release of C10.5 and qualified for a free update due to the grace period that they allow? I’ve never qualified for that before so don’t know how it works - but presume you are provided a new activation code at that time, somehow.

Also, i can see you’re a longterm user - so obviously aware that despite being a x.5 update, they are all paid for? i.e. C9.0,C9.5, C10.0, C10.5, C11.0. Sorry to state the obvious. :confused: