How do I upgrade v11 Elements to v12 Elements?

My v11 Pro license - which I bought separately 2 weeks ago through Competitive Crossgrade, NOT as an upgrad from v11 Elemets - was updated to v12 Pro just “fine”, i.e. with some hiccups, but works.

But I can’t see how to upgrade v11 Elements, too? I bought and activated it earlier this year, it’s a separate license, so I think I should be well within grace period - or am I?

Hey, when you open the Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM) and go the menu => Grace Period Check, what does it tell you there?

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After I’ve upgraded v11 Pro to v12, SAM says nothing about v11 Elements (it didn’t previously either). As if it was invisible. At least it didn’t few hours ago. Now I’m at work and can’t verify.

Still no luck. Any ideas?

Riding on my good luck in the other topic, any update on this?

I still can’t upgrade my C11 Elements to C12 Elements (it’s a separate license from my C 12 Pro) despite me registering it in January this year. It doesn’t appear to be grace period eligible in neither eLicenser or the new licensing thingy :frowning:

Any idease @Matthias_Quellmann ?

I’ll sent you a PM.

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