How do I upgrade?

I have used up my trial license for C7 and would like to buy an upgrade from my C5.

But when I try to open C7 it says license has expired and closes. How do I get the upgrade license for C7 from C5?

go to a (online) or any other shop a buy it…

Download version is here.

Or buy a boxed version from a local shop which will have the activation code in the box…might take a bit longer but you may well find it cheaper than direct download from Steinberg…

If you have the demo installed all you really need is the activation code which will be emailed or will be in the box, and you enter this into your elicencer software.

Thanks guys.

I was hoping I could just get the activation code online without having to download 6GB since I have already done so for the trial version.

Anyways, the link helps, thanks.


Go to the link provided by Grim …

Select “Update from Cubase 4 or Cubase 5”

Select “I’d like to download the product”

… after completing your purchase you should get an email with your activation code. Enter it into the eLCC and you should be good to go.

The trial version is the full version, so no need to download anything new.