how do I use 32 bit plugs in 64 bit DAW

I am on Cubase 6.0.7 and thinking of upgrading to 7 soon

I just upgraded to Reason 6.5 and REWIRE seems to be working properly in both 32 and 64 bit.

But when I open 64 bit cubase I have none of my third party plugs ( I dont use many but rely on KONTAKT 5, V-Station, latigo and darbuka).

Is it just a matter of coping the dll’s the 64 bit folder

or is there more to it

please explain.

If I keep running Cubase in 32 bit to access my third party stuff can I run Reason in 64 bit to access more RAM.

My desktop computer is W7 64 bit 9 GB RAM and
My laptops are
Mac Book 3.1 with 2 gb Ram and os10.7
Macbook pro (late 2012) with 8gb RAm and os 10.8

Is cubase 7 available in 32 and 64 or is everything going to 64 now?

Your plug-ins are in a different VST Plugins folder than the one you were using before.

Try this - under Devices > Plug-In Information > click Update

If that doesn’t work, you could try copying the dll’s, but that might cause the plug-ins not to know where to find their content, so you’ll have to go find it (from within the VST app) manually.

Good luck!

will try
but is it really that simple?

I thought there might be a process of having to get some kind of third party wrapper or something.


A bridge :wink:

It’s built into the 64 bit version, it’s a bit flakey though…

Some use JBridge, a third party bridge.