How do I use/engage the Headphone Mixing Plug-in I have installed?

I’m running Cubase LE AI Elements 11, and the plug-in for headphone mixing (Sienna) is showing up in the VST Plug-in Manager. Don’t know how to bring it to my headphones, have never used plug-ins. This plug-in is a room simulator for doing final mixes with headphones, don’t think it would be used when the band is recording.

You are at a disadvantage since you don’t have Control Room. You will have to insert this like any other plug.

It may help to know the particular room simulator. One of the Waves simulators?

And please list your audio interface.

You have to insert it on your Master Bus, preferably as the last plugin. But you will have to remember to bypass it every time before you do an audio mix down.

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Interface is a Tascam US-2000

Long ago I had a Tascam US-2000.

Anyway, since you don’t have Control Room with Cubase LE, you would have to do what fese says above, put it on your master output.

But when you mix down to 2 final tracks, remember to bypass it.

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