How do I use Maschine as a plugin with Cubase 4?

I have been trying to use Maschine as a plugin with Cubase 4 and route audio to Cubase through Maschine but it won’t even come up on my list when I open the VST instruments list when I press F11 and try to click and choose it. It doesn’t even recognize my Komplete 8 stuff either. And I routed it out of Maschine properly too. Can someone help me?


I would say, Native Instruments plug-ins are VST3 standard, which were introduced 2008. But Cubase is from 2006, so there is no VST3 support.

I would recommend you to upgrade your Cubase to the current one, if you are using todays plug-ins.

Or, one more idea… Do you use 64-bit OS or 32-bit OS? If you are using 64-bit OS, make sure NI plug-ins are installed in 32-bit mode. Cubase 4 was 32-bit only.

And then, go thru the Devices > Plug-in Information > VST 2.X path to set the path of NI plug-ins. I remember, the path of NI plug-in is not the common one, so Cubase doesn’t see these plug-ins until you set the path.