How do I use more than 16 articulations with Expression Maps?

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create an expression map for Spitfire Symphonic Strings. My setup is to load a kontakt instance where each articulation is a different channel, and I use expression maps to trigger the correct channel. Kontakt only allows 16 channels in a single instance, however. Does anybody know a way to add more articulations than can fit into a single instance of Kontakt? The violin patch has 20-something articulations.

Thanks for any assitance!

Aren’t articulations normally contained within the same sample “instrument”/channel, and triggered by key switches, rather than having them separately on different ones?

I would say most of them are, yes. I do know that EWQL have a variety of different patches with specific articulations or you can use one of the Keyswitch patches.

If you use VEP you might be able to sort something out using Ports etc but I might be mistaken.

Yes, a lot of libraries will have a track where you can keyswitch between different articulations. But in the case where you don’t want those preset articulations, you would create a assign each individual articulation a channel in your instance of Kontakt. Unfortunately, only 16 are available I believe.

Thanks Daniel, I’ll look into it. I’ve managed to avoid VEP up till now but maybe I need to start researching it a little more.

Each instance of the Spitfire player can have multiple patches/articulations.

It looks from the docs posted by @Eggsalad that it ought to be easy enough to access several different articulations (up to eight, it appears) from a single channel in Kontakt, so you shouldn’t need more than 16 channels. If there are 20 or so techniques in a given patch, three channels in Kontakt should be sufficient.

This seems to be an unnecessary constraint. Have you considered using Spitfire’s UACC CC#s to switch articulations? I find it very effective.

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