How do I use the grace period?

I have an unactivated 8.5.

What are the next steps?


Its explained here:

The question is, what does “customers receive from Steinberg once (!) a so-called free Grace Period update” mean?
Does it mean once in a lifetime? And if so, is it per owner, per dongle or per account?

Once just means within that period…so if you were two or more versions behind and activated last week you might have got updated to 8.5 for free but you won’t now get 9 for free.

Sure? I dont think so, because they also say that its possible to use it if you are “activating an older version of Cubase (from version 6)”.

Thanks Grim and atze100!

Yes, this is possible…if you activate C6 after C9 is released your Grace period update is direct to C9, but if you activated C6 before release (but in the Grace period) and claimed the Grace period to C8.5 you cannot now claim another to C9.

This is what I did, replacing C6 in your post with C7.5.40.

For some reason I can’t recall, I installed C8.5 as an intermediate step before installing and activating C9. Perhaps I didn’t have to do that, or maybe I read something that said I needed to go in that order.

In any case, C9.0.1 is installed here, is functional graphically, and I hope to be testing it sonically this weekend.

Thanks again for your suggestions, and that great link above!

I have a problem with the procedure of Maintenance in LCC. I have already the licence for cubase 8.5. Now I want to update in version 9 because I am in Grace Period Update.
After a lot times I run the LCC and Maintenance stop in Step 5 (Recovering License Transactions) and I get a FAILED message.
How can repair it?

ps. I have already created a request to Steinberg three days ago but no answer.

Right, that’s what I was thinking. But still, it doesn’t really explain what “once” means.

The reason I’m asking is, I already bought a 8.5 version which I haven’t activated yet, because I was busy finishing songs in C8 and didn’t want to risk to mess up my system.

In the next couple of weeks I want to update all my programs including Cubase. Right now, I only want to switch to C8.5, because C9 is maybe a bit too fresh and I also wanna test the new Sentinel in the demo first.

BUT, if I activate my 8.5 it will be automatically a Grace Period update now.

So that’s why I’m asking what “customers receive from Steinberg once (!) a so-called free Grace Period update” means. If it means once in a lifetime, I would ruin my Grace Period option for ever for no reason…

When you activate a license you get the current latest version, grace period or not.
If you did that two weeks ago you would get 8.5 first and now after running the maintenance 9.0

It’s not really claiming the grace period twice.

Okay, I also searched the “older Cubase versions” forum now and there are only controversial answers but I couldn’t find an official one.
Would be really nice if someone from Steinberg could reply on this or PM me! :smiley:

Still looking for an answer…

If you activate 8.5 now (if you have an unused code to input into elicencer software) you will get 9. Simple as that. And what else can you do but activate it? In 2 years you can activate 9.5 and get 10. I am sure I did this with 7.5 and 8.5.
You will have to ask for a download link for 8.5. Or do you already have the 8.5 installer?

Cheers and don’t worry!

You’ve pretty much been given the answer a few times already…if you activate any version Cubase now you will get C9 license. You can run 8.5 on this license if that’s what you want to do.

It has absolutely no bearing on what happens when you activate C15 in the C16 Grace period.