How do I use the M-Audio Venom as a MIDI keyboard for VSTs?

Hi guys,

I have an M-Audio Venom VA synth and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface and am having loads of trouble trying to get the synth to work in Cubase AI5 to use VSTs.
I’ve dabbled in the audio side of Cubase (recording guitars, vox, etc.) but have never tried my luck at the MIDI side - I’ve clearly failed already.

I’ve downloaded some free VSTs (like Synth1 and LazySnake) that I want to be able to play on the Venom but have no idea of:

a) How to connect the synth to my interface (the Scarlett does have have MIDI in and out, so I know it’s possible - I also have two MIDI cables)
b) How to set up the Venom in Cubase itself (i.e. how to configure the MIDI ports and VST instruments)

I’m sorry I’m such a newbie, I just really want to try and get it to work!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Katie :smiley:

It’s not very complicated. I think the venom has USB midi so you can use that, if it has physical midi ports you can also connect those to your focusrite, whichever you prefer. Then in Cubase, create an instrument track, set the input to the midi input you are using with your venom (this is either called MAudio Venom if you are using USB, or focusrite if you’re using the midi cables), and the output to whichever instrument you want to use.
Enable monitor on the instrument track and you should be able to play your VSTi with your venom :slight_smile:

Hi Katie,

Thanks for your thread.

Is your issue sorted in the meantime?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, should you have any further issues.

With best regards,

Marcel // Focusrite Technical Support

Now THAT is service! :slight_smile:

Now THAT is a reply! :slight_smile:

Thanks Elektrobolt. Always glad to get positive feedback.

With best regards,

Marcel // Focusrite Technical Support