How do i warp multi mic drums?

This is speedy metal, so the great quantize feature just wont cut it. The drummer is also pretty spot on, so i only need to do minor editing…

I need to be able to create a warp marker, preferably at the beginning of a transient, drag said marker to grid, and have it affect all the other tracks its grouped with (i.e, OH mics, snare mic, etc.)

Is this possible? I dont care that I cant do it in the arrange window, i just want to be able to do this…

I feel like there has to be a way! I searched to no avail, so your help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Only way to do it manually like that is to make a surround audio file of your drums do you warping then export it out again as split mono

This is one feature that I wish Cubase had. …This one of the reasons I use 2 daws. …do I dare say it? I’ll abbreviate it… PT.


If you click on the PDF link below and go to page 13, there’s a section called "Applying AudioWarp Quantizing to Multiple Audio Tracks"

Does this not put you on the right track ? (no pun intended)

It’ll be group slip edit for you… I have to do it that way 9/10 times because most of the bands I get are mortal.

FR: Multi Warp in Arrange Window, please!