How do Record FX Return tracks in to an audio track without having to render?

I must be able to record FX returns (whilst Cubase is running in real time)) back in to an audio track.
I don’t think this is possible, right?

That what you’re looking for? (second post)

It is possible depending on the software you are using.

Thanks for the replies.

I have tried that but I don’t get the option to send FX return channels to any other tracks or for audio tracks to receive audio from the FX returns.I can’t even send FX returns to group channels and then send them to audio tracks. I wonder if this has something to do with how I have set up the Studio audio connections area…hmmm

My only work around has been to use Groups as FX returns and then send the group signals to audio tracks. However, this isn’t particularly elegant and has some issue within my set up which utilizes a fair amount of open/constant monitoring/listening channels because I use hardware synths/drum machines including FX boxes. I have to do do a lot of real time rendering of various parts, so when I send any incoming signals to VST FX rather than my hardware FX I often need to render the virtual FX in real time as the audio is incoming hence the question. I’ve had various work arounds for this which basically meant recording the incoming audio then re-render with the VST FX. Just wanted to avoid the extra steps and tracks. Anyway, Ill barge on and I’m sure i will eventually design an auto load that will help me simplify the process.

PS Im using 9.5 but I’m pretty sure the audio routing hasn’t changed in ver 10.
Cheers :nerd:

9.5 what?
If you´re not getting the option it is either not Cubase Pro, or you are doing something wrong.
So once again: What is your used software?

I’m on Cubase 9.5 Pro
I may have a setting wrong somewhere although I can’t find anything.

Could the issue be related to my audio i/o setup in that I can lose some mixer routing functionality?

What prevents the routing is if you create a potential feedback loop.
Also there is a Preference in VST to automatically assign the send to newly created tracks, which you might want to disable. Still for existing tracks you have to unassign them manually.

What prevents the routing is if you create a potential feedback loop.

Ah, that would explain it
For the moment though I’ve replaced them with Busses which are doing the job. My Cubase i/0 routing setup connected via
sound cards and patch-bays works great but is over complicated. Because of what you just said I’m sure the issue is being caused by Ensoniq DP4 connections which use FX sends, but return on audio tracks. I cant recall why, but there was a reason i couldn’t use the external FX plugin for the DP4.

I plan to De-complex my system in the near future which I’m sure will solve the issue and some others I’m having. I started using Cubase again about 9 months ago so when I set up the system I was winging it big-time.