How do sends work?

I use a reverb send and it doubles my audio track and makes it flange. I have to turn send down a ton . what gives

Maybe inside the reverb effect you have the mix knob not at 100%. If you use a reverb in an FX track, the better you set the mix to 100% (unless you are looking for a special result).

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Sends do send the audio signal from a source to a destination, and you are able to change the volume of the signal that goes to the destination.

@Knopf has pretty much answered your question above.

Make sure your dry signal is not present in the send effect plug-in.

In a reverb this would usually be by having the Mix control set to 100%.

In some compressors etc. You may also find a parallel mix or balance control. In this case, make sure it is fully to the right (100% / wet).