How do wav markers become CD tracks? (WL 7 EL)

Hi, I have created a audiomontage (.mon) with markers and try to create an audio CD. The audiomontage simply consists of one wave-file (live-concert).
The CD windows shows only the wave-file, but no split CD tracks, which were marked. I tried for hours now (and read the help files), but without success. Creating a montage with markers from the wav-file won’t help.

What do I do wrong? Or is this features not included in the Elements Version?

Thanx in advance!

(Wavelab 7 Elements 7.2.1 x64)

Hi, no markers in Elements to create tracks. Use the split function (S key) to split the track and drag the edges for fine tuning. you can also use volume envelopes at the beginning/end of each bit of track you created. the pauses can be assigned automatically in the CD menu.

thank you for your answer, but I’m not able to split the track, nothing happens…

In Montage, select the clip you want to split (the tag with the clip’s name goes red) then place the cursor where you want to split and simply press the S-key. Every time re-select the clip you want to split before pressing S-key.