How do we create a system text, showing automaticaly to all instruments

I want to create a system text appearing to all instruments. How should I proceed ?


Enter your text using alt-shift-x (rather than just shift-x), then it becomes system text, rather than staff text.

System text ( alt-shift-x as suggested by @Janus) will appear on the top of the first bracket of the defined instrument families (Layout Options/Staves and Systems/System Objects). Also it will appear on every layout.

If you want a text that appears on every staff in the full score layout than I think you have to create text with shift-x and then use paste special/duplicate to staff below (or above)

Thank you, Janus !

I got it just before you wrote to me.

By the way, is it possible to have a swing feeling set for a specific flow or is it going to be for the whole project ?


You can enter the swing playback in the tempo popover

Thanks for the tip, Nukkul !