How do you add more pages on IOS Dorico?

I’ve been trying to find any sort of add page button on the iPad app to no avail. Any extra bars I input in the 2nd page just squeezes it in that same page without making a new page, how do I add more than the 2 existing pages?

If you put enough music in, it will spill over to the next page when the current one is full. If you want to change what’s on each page once you’ve input all the music, you can add frame breaks wherever you want. You may have already added one that is causing the music to squash onto the second page. If you can see a signpost for one, try deleting it to see if the music spaces better. The best way to work with Dorico is to input all your music first, set the engraving and layout options to get the score as close as possible to what you need, then do the minimal amount of manual adjustment as the last step.

TL;DR you can’t add another page manually.,…