How do you Align events in midi key editor?

I know you can align audio events using Ctrl as the modifier . How do you align midi note events in the key editor

Thanks in advance

In the Key editor, make sure the quantize/snap feature thang is ‘off’.

You can then grab any note(s) and move it anywhere you want.

To precisely line up MIDI notes, I use the info bar to make sure the start time of the events are the same.

MIDI is really an extremely tight arpeggio. The higher the resolution, the tighter the arpeggio.


If Quantise doesn’t do what you want, just drag them to line up visually. At a suitable zoom level this is very easy to do to a high degree of accuracy.

You can use “Event” as snap mode. This way it will snap to any event you want.

Select the notes and press Ctrl+left arrow (or right)