How do you assign a 'Delete' key to a midi controller button

I have a Novation SLMK2 midi keyboard. My problem is, whenever I record melodies and I want to delete the current take that I didn’t play well, I have to keep going back to the computer keyboard to press the delete (actually the ‘Backspace’ key - I’m on a Mac) and start over.

How can I assign the delete or backspace key on computer keyboard to a button on the midi keyboard?

It would be a lot better if I can just work with the midi keyboard and not keep jumping back and forth.

I found how to assign the midi keys, but not for the computer commands. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


You cannot assign concrete key stroke to MIDI. You can assign Cubase function to MIDI in the Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices > Generic Remote. In the bottom part, choose Command > Edit > Delete. I would say this would do, what you are asking for. But if you change the track name and you make a typo, this wouldn’t work as backspace here. You assigned the function, not the key.

Thanks for the reply.

I managed to change a setting to a Command, but there’s no Edit there to change it. I’m confused. I have Cubase Pro 10.5


Where is no Edit, please?