How do you attach the JL Cooper SR Panner?

w do you attach the JL Cooper SR Panner to the small space panel of the Nuage controller? Do you purchase it already installed or, does the top come off so that you can easily insert it into the chassis?

It’s just 4 screws to remove the panel. I don’t have it but have read it’s quite easy to install. john

Don’t buy the JL Cooper panner. It is utter crap.


Oh? What do you suggest? What are you using?

The Nuage Multifunction display/rotary’s.
Lightning fast and darn easy.

I do have a JL Cooper, and it’s the most useless purchase of my life.
JL Cooper is aware of the problems, but apparently they just don’t care.


Why don’t you take it out of the small space module if it’s not doing anything?

Because the small space module “extends” the smaller Master Section module to the width of the Fader Packs and - most importantly - to the width of the screens.


Perhaps Keyplayer wondered Why You dont take it out, put the old panel back and sell it to him for peanuts ? :slight_smile:

Nope. I want to keep it, so I can throw it -one day or another- to the head or a JL Cooper representative.
No money will ever give me that level of satisfaction.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Could elaborate on that statement a little more? What exactly is wrong with it? I saw a demo video, on YouTube, showing it working with Pro Tools. It seemed to work okay. So is this specifically a Nuendo issue?

Wow, that’s ridiculous! Thanks so much for the clarification!