How do you change a staff type

I have imported a midifile, and it has come in as a complete mess.
Most of the staves have come in as split staves (like a piano part),
so how do I convert the split staves to a single treble clef ?


Andy, you can send selected notes in a grand staff up or down to the other staff using Alt-M and Alt-N.

Select all the notes in the bass clef and send them up (click on first measure, then select to end of flow).

When you have moved all the notes up to the top staff, you can create a new single staff instrument in setup mode, then copy and paste into that staff and delete the piano instrument.

OK, thanks for that. I can solve the problem that way,

though seems I have to select the offending bass staff, do a “select to end of flow”, then ALT-N, and then delete staff (bass clef).

That does work, but seems a bit clumsy, is that really how Dorico is dealing with this functionality ?


You imported a MIDI file, and Dorico is assigning it to a piano staff with a split at middle C. As you probably know, MIDI files don’t contain a lot of identifying information, so Dorico doesn’t know what you want to do with it.

You’re better off importing MusicXML if possible. If MIDI is your only option, the way I described above can be accomplished in about 10 seconds.

Thanks for the info, I have fathomed out how to get Cubase to export an XML now, and that does work better.
The snag I had was that there were about 40 tracks (parts), so that was a lot of clicking.

thanks again

Nice to know that, Andy. It’s clearly the way to go, when available !