How do you change the default bottom placement of sampler tracks ?

Is there a way of making it so that when you create a sampler track it places it under the currently selected track rather than defaulting to the bottom of the list of tracks ?


What is the way, how do you create a Sampler Track, please? There are many, many ways… Key Command, + button above the track list, right-click to the track list, right-click in the Media Bay, Ctrl+click to the Audio event…

I usually create a sampler track by right clicking on a sample in the media bay in the right side zone amd it will automatically place the new track at the bottom of the arrangement window.

Yes would be great to have it appear under the selected track for example :nerd:

Ah so this is expected behaviour defaulting to the bottom? and there’s no way of changing this ? I’m constantly having to move the sampler track around my project, and when you have a big project with lots of folders its a real work flow killer


Myself, I wouldn’t expect this. As far as I know, the rule in Cubase is to add the track bellow the currently selected one. I don’t see any reason for an excuse.

Should I put this in as a ‘feature’ request ?


From my point of view, this is a bug. I’m going to report it to Steinberg.