How Do You Change The Track Width In MixConsole?

Sorry to be so thick… How do you change the track width from ‘double wide’ to ‘single wide’. Man, I hate the PDF Search.



Hey Sun !!
There are also zoom buttons, in the top toolbar.

… and don’t forget this is pretty much broken in 7.0.3.
( there’s a small chance You’re not affected )

Should work as expected in 7.0.2.
But then … there are many other things broken in 7.0.2 …

Cheers, Jan

How ironic… more functions that have -key commands- and no visual cue. :smiley:

I saw that. But that is -global-. There used to be these teensy little arrows at the top of each -track- in the ‘Mixer’ that allowed one to change them individually. Is that possible?



How’s it going, Jan. Good to see some of the old ranters still around.

That is a -real- shame. I used that feature a LOT for complex mixes.

Overall, I -love- having key commands for lots of things… but I’m finding the MixConsole annoying. There are too many things where there’s no visual cues as to what’s going on. I -really- do NOT like how each channel strip has like 6 ‘sections’. It should be like before… you click -anywhere and that selects the entire track.

The good news? SO MUCH MORE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT! :smiley:


Thanks JC, doing fine !
Luckily, this time there’s nothing I really need in the major update.
And each time I test the next V7 maintenance update,
I happily return to the much more ergonomic V6 design.

I also often used the small / wide switch,
but can see how hard it would be, to bring it to the new scalable design.
Will adapt …
Still have my own dozens of setbacks, with the new mixer.
Most of them can not be adapted, like only seeing one cue send level at a time
( you also need to bring the mouse there, to see any numerical value at all :neutral_face: )
Like You said, missing visual cues.
And wasted space all over the place ! Not good ! ( I’ll NEVER understand what happened to the Info Line ! )
etc. etc. … rant … rant …

peace, Jan