How Do You Change Track Colors Multiple Tracks?

Can you change the track colors for multiple tracks in one go? How? Can this be done in MixConsole as well as in the Project?



In project window select all desired tracks, make sure no event is selected and use the color tool in the toolbar.

No chance in the mixer.

But it would be nice to have it…

I’m actually kinda surprised that you can’t just -sync- them together. ie. I wish that, as much as possible, you keep them linked so if you change one, it reflects on the other.

@MarQs… thanks for the answer. I’ve noticed you’re quite helpful to a lot of people… there’s a real shortage of that these days. Back in the day, there were -dozens- of people one could ask. It’s as necessary as ever… the PDF is just so unHelpful.



Oh, thanks :smiley:
My own impression is that I’ve been quite angry on Steinberg since the release of Cubase 7 :laughing:

You can be angry -and- helpful at the same time.

It’s called ‘tough love’.

Sadly, many people see -any- constructive criticism as ‘hating’.

In any case, when I’ve asked simple factual questions, it seems that you try to provide the answer and there should be more of that here, IMO.


Can you change the color of the text for the track? I like that the whole track field can be a color now, but the white text is hard to read against some lighter or intense colors.

You’re about the 1,000,000th person who has had the same exact issue. Lack of contrast.

is it possible to change the events colour by changing the track colours

I would find this helpful, when organising a project, when I’ve tried it I’ve only changed the track colour which to me isn’t what I want

Simply set the event colors back to default. They should get the track color then.


want to sync project and mixer track colors

Why are the Default track colors not working for me :frowning: the track has the right color but if I select the event on it and select the default color they all become grey :frowning: