how do you combine two parts in a MIDI file?


I have a MIDI file made up of 6-7 different tracks. Two of the tracks are acoustic piano. For some reason the RH is in one track. And the LH is in another track. How do I combine these two acoustic piano tracks??

Thx. in advance for any help.


So, the first question is… “for what reason is the RH on a different track from the LH?”…
How was the piano created in Cubase? (I am suspecting that, for some reason , the LH and RH are on different MIDI channels, even if they are on the same MIDI track? )
If you want them to be on the same MIDI track in the MIDI file, then they will have to be on the same MIDI channel (which means that, when you re-open the MIDI file, they will be merged).
So, therefore, the second question is "How do you want the MIDI file to look when re-opened?

The answer to your question depends on the answers to mine :wink: :smiley:

Aloha J,

There are a couple of ways to do this.

I would just drag one MIDI track onto the other one
and then use the glue tool to ‘blend/merge’
them into one track.


For more precise note placement.

1-Open one track
2-put the cursor on the 1st event in the track (you might have to turn ‘Snap Off’)
and then use ‘select all’
3-Now use the ‘cut’ function (command X on mac)
and the parts get moved unto the clipboard
Don’t move the cursor
4-Close the track and then open the 2nd track and use the
‘Paste’ function.

If the original separate tracks are on different MIDI channels, set the MIDI channel of the new blended track to ‘Any’.

If you do this remember what ever sound source you are using to hear the sounds (VSTi or external hardware device) has to be able to respond to multiple MIDI channels.

Or you could use the Logical Editor to make all events on the new track one MIDI channel.