How do you consolidate audio regions on the SAME track?


Just a quick thing I’ve thought about for a VERY LONG time:

How do I consolidate several audio regions on the SAME audio track to become ONE audio file without having to bouncing and exporting and such?

In Ableton Live, Logic and other DAWs its simply just a command, either bounce in place or CMD+J for consolidate.

When I do this in cubase - by using the glue tool - it makes a group for those audios instead. WHAT THE HELL?! I want to have one big audioregion instead of 1 group with lots of audio regions.

I hope I’m clear what I’m meaning hehe. I would so much appreciate the help on this matter!


Then you should THE HELL use the correct function which would be “bounce selection”

What he said…“Bounce Selection”
Give it a key command shortcut and call it whatever you want.
Bounce in place, consolidate…just fancy words for “bounce selection”

Yeah, what thinkingcap said…

Whoa! Thanks alot guys. I thought this feature was some kind of export feature. This really is the same as consolidate.

Thanks alot!

Oh yeah, anyone knows how to get back to “full zoom out”? whats the command called for that? Now I’m using ZAP Zoom and MEM Zoom which I’ve assigned to keys, but I rather just use them for other stuff…

So lets say I’ve dragged the height of an audio or instrument track so it comes “higher”, bigger in other words, so you can see the waveform (without pressing Z that is).

How do I get it back to default/what it was before, without using the ZAP and MEM keyfeatures? is there any other way at all? That would be helpful.

And one last thing - in all other programs u can hide the automation by using the SAME keycommand as showing the automation - in Cubase it seems to be 2 different commands, am I right? is there any way of getting just 1 button both show and hide automation? would make things easier for me.

Thanks alot for the help so far! appreciate it, it’s really speeding up my workflow inside of Cubase now :slight_smile:

yer what thinking cap said

any idea about the zoom out full feature instead ZAP and MEM?

You can use “undo zoom” for that.

Create a macro that simply contains:

  • Zoom - Zoom Full
  • Zoom - Zoom Tracks Minimal

and assign a key command.